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Sessions based on participant availability.


Virtual Event

Founders Pitch Lab: June Cohort

Exclusive masterclass in capturing investors attention and securing the funding you need to succeed

Founders Pitch Lab: June Cohort
Founders Pitch Lab: June Cohort

Time & Location

Sessions based on participant availability.

Virtual Event

About the event

4 Week Accelerator Course

Week 1 - Masterclass: Investor Mindset and How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

Week 2 - Pitch Practice with Personalized Feedback

Week 3 - The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Learn to Pitch Anywhere

Week 4 - Group Pitch Presentations

*Dates will be scheduled based on group availability 

Combine Personalized Coaching with Cohort-Based Learning

Cohort-based learning is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, showing a remarkable 30% boost in material retention and a 40% increase in skill application compared to solo study. Beyond the impressive stats, it tackles the often-lonely entrepreneurial journey head-on, transforming it into a collaborative adventure. This method doesn't just sharpen your skills; it builds a supportive community, making the path to success less about going it alone and more about growing together. Embrace this journey with a cohort, and you're not just learning — you're connecting, sharing, and paving the way to opportunities well beyond the coursework. Let's make the entrepreneurial journey a shared success story!


  • June Cohort Course




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